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Year 9 take part in 'Beyond this' conference

This week, all Year 9 Sociology students had a chance to participate in the virtual 'Beyond This' conference where the topics focussed on inequality within gender, sexism and misogyny. This was an amazing experience where the students had the opportunity to listen to real life case studies surrounding these topics and they got to interact by asking and answering questions virtually to the speakers at the conference too.

They now have a great deal of wider revision resources that they can take forward for the remainder of the GCSE course.

This is what some of our student had to say about th event:

"I enjoyed Hibo's speech because it made me realise the serious issues that happen in different parts of the country"
- Erin. G

"Today I learnt that sexism and racism are still a massive problem in the world and that we need to take action now"
- Taylor. D

"Everyone have a bloody good period. It was very inspiring and educating" - Lucy. H-L

"I enjoyed Denmark High School's speech because it told us other experiences and how different cultures experience things" - Orianna. S

"It was so interesting to see different people's views and experiences" -Parina. M