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A spellbinding trip of a lifetime

As part of the English Department's 'Opening Doors' initiative, 39 students (from Y7-12) and 6 staff went to London this week to see both parts of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' in one day.

Preceded by a wrap-around series of after College seminars from September to January ( which explored script, design, music, movement and a magic and illusion masterclass from member of the Magic Circle Marcus Bailey) the Future Creatives of Crookhorn then travelled to the Palace Theatre on Wednesday to see the play on stage.

They are now engaged in a follow-up extension task... prizes will be awarded!

Alana Y9 said: 'This play was amazing. The man who played Harry gave so much emotion. I really enjoyed this show, and I am hopefully going back soon!'

Lucy Y9 wrote: 'The set and stage design was created smartly, and the show couldn't have been as good if the design was weaker. One of my favourite parts were the arched side pieces that looked like bookshelves and had clock pieces on, which appeared like it shook and moved as they moved in time. Another one of my favourite parts was the writing on the walls, this was very realistic and appeared very magical. As well as the actors clothes which were very suited for each of them and the scene that they were doing!

The seminars were also very helpful, and the magician was very nice, and I still remember how to perform some of the tricks and my parents don't know how I did it, so successful!

Annabel Y8 said: 'also loved the use of dramatic irony used in the show to create real suspense and tension between the characters. This also helped with the magical illusion as by using dramatic irony, they really were able to capture the essence of time travel and help us as the audience believe they really went back in time. I have absolutely no criticisms for the show, it was amazing! As a non lover of Harry Potter this theatrical performance really made my head turn. The months previous I found the seminars extremely helpful and fun! They gave us a chance to enrich our understanding and dive into greater depth of opportunity. The magician was the highlight - my sister was clueless! Overall, a truly successful trip and I wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Theo Y11 wrote: 'The course as a whole was a very enriching experience. Each of the pre-visit seminars were equally fun as educational and seeing the performance was definitely worth staying after school for seminars and going on that very long coach ride. Any Future Creatives would 100% benefit from this trip!