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Mental health awareness day

Tuesday 10th October is Mental Health Awareness Day.

Following on from last week’s SLT assemblies, this week’s Tutor activities centre around this year’s theme of ‘Mental health is a universal right’. As part of the activities, students will be completing another Tutor Group scenario discussion task linked to Protected Characteristics and share their responses with the rest of their House via the itsLearning discussion boards. By the end of the week, all Tutor Groups will have also revisited the Keeping You Safe, Promoting Positive Mental Health, LGBTQ+ pages and the ‘I Need Support’ button on itsLearning, shared updates on the Walktober challenge and found out more about the next steps in our involvement with the #BeeWell programme.

As a College we are proud to share with our students how seriously we take mental health and how we are fully committed to promoting positive mental health for all.