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D-Day Story Museum Trip

On Tuesday 11th June, the History Department took 40 Year 8 students to the D-Day Story Museum. The focus of the D-Day Story Museum is the liberation of Europe from German occupation. It is told using the personal possessions and words of the people who took part. It was an excellent opportunity for students to learn more about D-Day and the role that Portsmouth played.

Students saw images from the time, audiovisual presentations, authentic vehicles and hands-on interactives which helped to bring the story to life.

Students were able to go on board Landing Craft Tank 7074 – the last surviving LCT from D-Day. This played a vital role in transporting men and supplies across the English Channel. They visited the Preparation galleries, to learn more about the planning that went into the operation and then the galleries showing the actual events of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. Students were also able to see the Overlord Embroidery, tells the story of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy in 34 extraordinary hand-stitched panels with a total length of 83 metres.

Our 40 students were fantastic ambassadors for the College. Their behaviour was excellent, and they all displayed real engagement in the trip and asked questions that showed real interest and looked carefully at the displays to really enhance their knowledge. They were polite and respectful and a pleasure to have on the trip. Well done to them all!

Here are some comments from the students:

"My favourite part was being on the landing craft because it was a real landing craft used in World War Two." - Leland

"I enjoyed exploring the landing craft…in the tanks they held 5 men and the landing craft could hold 10 tanks." - Hollie

"I found the tapestry fascinating as it is 83 metres long and must have taken a long time to make. Overall, I loved the trip." - Evie

"I learnt there were 13 different countries involved in D-Day – not just Britain, the USA and Canada." - Logan

"I really enjoyed this trip…it was an extraordinary experience…the best experience of the day was the spectacular sight of the Overlord Tapestry." - Lizzie

"I enjoyed learning the thoughts behind D-Day and how they decided everything." - Mara

"I enjoyed learning about the medics and nurses during/after the battle and how they used to deal with injuries. I also enjoyed the videos showing the different perspectives (paratroopers, soldiers etc) since they showed insight into the battle and preparation." - Izzy

"I enjoyed doing the worksheet and walking round the museum to find the answers." - Emily

"I enjoyed learning about Gustav the Pigeon. It was really amazing that a pigeon was so important. I learnt a lot." - Alex

"I enjoyed watching all the movies in the museum because it was interesting to find out the roles of the people and how they felt from their point of view." - Jess

"I learnt the landing craft had been used as a nightclub and I found out it was the last surviving British landing craft." - Daisy