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Why choose Crookhorn?

Our Open Evening has gone digital!

We would like to welcome you to our virtual Open Event page for Crookhorn College.
Below you'll find a welcome video from our Headteacher, Mrs Sarah Bennett who will introduce the College and explain the different resources that we have available on this page, that will provide more information to prospective parents and students.

Headteacher's welcome



Why choose Crookhorn College - promotional video




College Prospectus



On entry to the College, all students are assigned to a tutor group in one of the four Houses:
Arundel, Goodwood, Petworth or Romsey.

The House system at Crookhorn is fundamental to the pastoral organisation of the College. It plays an integral part of life at Crookhorn by providing healthy competition between the four Houses, promoting inclusion for all students through a broad range of activities, and providing pastoral support to students throughout their time here at Crookhorn.

Each tutor group is organised vertically so there are students from every year group in each one. This enables the development of social skills as well as friendships and respect across the year groups.

The Head of House is responsible for the overall pastoral care of the students in the House and are assisted by their tutor team. There are also several student roles vital to the House system, including those of House Captain, Welfare Captain and Senior Prefect.

Throughout the year competitions are organised by PE, modern foreign languages, English, mathematics and science to name but a few. Every student that takes part achieves House Points; it really is the taking part that counts! Numerous cups are available to win each year including the Competitions Cup, House Cup, Attendance Cup, Sports Day Cup, and the Year 8 Hobbies and Interests Cup.

Meet our Heads of House
Click on the House logos for more information:




At Crookhorn we have designed our curriculum to allow our students to become resilient and independent learners.

We achieve this by offering a broad and balanced curriculum across a two-week timetable for all year groups and allowing students to make options choices at the end of years 8 and 9.


Crookhorn provides every student with opportunities to extend their College day by taking part in any one of a huge range of activities; there really is ‘something for everyone’.

Sports fixtures are arranged with local schools and we compete in a number of county-wide competitions for many sports. There are also House Competitions for all our sports which means everyone can compete – not just those representing the College.

We also offer a range of activities from a range of practical and academic subjects that take place either at lunchtime or after College. This can be a maths club, where students can get support with their numeracy skills, or a dance club where students can practice their upcoming performances. We also offer a Study Club every day after College where students can get support with their homework.  

As well as all this, students can audition for our College production every year as well as our annual large-scale Summer and Winter Shows.

So, whether its sport, performance or study – there are opportunities for all after the College day is done.

Please see below an example of our Extra-Curricular Timetable:

Activity Location Coordinator Day Time
Maths / Games Club R2 Maths department Everyday Lunchtime
Study Club Library Study Supervisors Everyday 3.10pm - 4pm
Maths Challenge Club R1 Mrs Greig Monday Lunchtime
Music Rehearsals CA5 Mrs Carter Mon - Thur Lunchtime

Show Rehearsals

Theatre Mrs Callaghan Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Volleyball Club Sports Hall Mr Attwood Monday 3.15pm - 4.15pm 
Table Tennis Club Gymnasium PE staff Monday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Language Lounge A10 Miss Miller Tuesday Lunchtime
MFL Support A11 Ms Clarke Wednesday Lunchtime
Science Club P4 Miss Faulkner Wednesday Lunchtime
Netball Fixtures/training Courts Mrs Ainslie Wednesday 3.15pm - 5pm
Badminton Club Sports Hall Mr Elvy Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Football Club Field Mr Watson Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Art Club P11 Mrs Pitassi Wednesday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
History Club G2 Mrs Masson Thursday 3.20pm - 3.55pm
Basketball Club Sports Hall Mr Watson Thursday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Rugby Club Field Mr Elvy Thursday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Netball Club Courts Mrs Ainslie Thursday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
College Choir CA5 Mrs Carter Friday Lunchtime
Politics Club G2 Mrs Masson Friday Lunchtime
Running Club Gymnasium Mr Carver Friday 3.30pm - 4pm
House Sports Events See Tutor Mr Lemon Friday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
GCSE PE Club Gymnasium Mr Elvy Friday 3.15pm - 4.15pm
Robotics Club R2 Mr O'Sullivan Friday 3.10pm - 4.10pm
GSCE Languages Support A11 Ms Clarke Friday 3.15pm - 4.15pm


Stretch and Challenge

At Crookhorn College, we are committed to delivering the very best for all our students and, through a challenging curriculum, we encourage our highest attainers to seek the pursuit of excellence.

To complement the Stretch and Challenge programme, we have also introduced the Challenge Award. This is a series of twelve challenges, which cover different aspects of the curriculum. To achieve the Challenge Award, a student must complete at least six challenges, some of which can be carried out individually, while others are designed to be completed in a group setting.

For students who complete the Challenge Award, there is the option to tackle the Scholar’s Award, which is rewarded with an individual and bespoke opportunity designed around the students’ academic or career aspirations.


Special educational needs (SEN)

Crookhorn College believes passionately that all students are equal and deserve the opportunity to learn and succeed. Our guiding principle is one of inclusion and we are driven by the desire to break down any barriers to learning and facilitate progress across all subject areas. The Learning Support department at Crookhorn College has a highly experienced SENCO and Assistant SENCO alongside a large team of experienced, enthusiastic, and engaging Learning Support Assistants (LSAs). Please visit the Learning Support section of our website for more details.

Year 7 quotes

We recently asked our new Year 7 students what they've thought of their first weeks at Crookhorn College, and this is what some of them had to say:

"While at Crookhorn I've learned that teachers give me opportunities to grow and improve my learning. It's very different from primary school as I'm given more independence." 
- Cohen. L, Petworth student
"At first, I was so nervous but when I saw my friends I felt better. I've also made some new friends from other primary schools. Everyone is so supportive at Crookhorn." 
- Weronika. K, Goodwood student
"When I first arrived at Crookhorn, I already know that it was going to be the best five years of my life."
- Sara. G, Romsey student

"The teachers are very supportive, and I've made loads of new friends. All the subjects are fun too."

- Cameron. S, Arundel student


"I feel like I've already progressed and improved my learning at Crookhorn and I'm looking forward to learning more. The College has shown me that I CAN."

- Caitlin. B, Goodwood student


"My first impression of Crookhorn is that everyone is really welcoming and helpful. I love it here!"

- Ruby. H, Arundel student


"I wasn't expecting how independent we are and how helpful the older students are."

- Tegan. L, Petworth student


"I was worried when I came to OPEN EVENING but when I stepped foot into Crookhorn for real it made me feel excited to learn. On the first day, I made loads of friends and have gotten to know everyone."

- Fay. R, Petworth student


"It's been amazing so far. The teachers and students are lovely and super supportive."

- Eve. W, Romsey student

"I've only been here for two weeks and I think that here learning is brilliant and very fun. Even though the College is quite big, I'm still not scared!"
- Jackson. M, Arundel student

Closing statement from our headteacher




Personal Tours

We invite you to immerse yourself in the unique ethos that makes Crookhorn stand out against other local secondary schools.

If you would like to visit our College Campus during after-college hours and view our fantastic range of resources and facilities, tours are available on request. Please contact to book your tour today.


Please find at the bottom of this page a number of useful resources that can be viewed and downloaded as PDFs. These include our Prospectus Insert Booklet that contains our College policies, our Transition Booklet for new Year 7 students, as well as a list of Frequently Asked Questions from new parents, that we hope you'll find helpful.