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February Blog 2023

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For this month's blog, we have decided that we are going to mix it up a bit and do a video blog, which Katy King has very kindly offered to do. This month the focus is on Tier 2 vocabulary and how to teach these words in a classroom.  In the video you will see students gaining confidence with the meanings of two key words implicit and explicit and how they use the Frayer grid to check their understanding and then apply this to the text they are reading to reinforce the learning. After this, they are then expected to use their understanding of these two words to help them write from the point of view of the character showing implicitly and explicitly what the character feels.
Key points:
  • clear definitions, examples and non-examples with Frayer
  • thinking time and pair share for retrieval (thinking time can be up to two minutes and if mini whiteboards are available, they are a great way for students to organise their thoughts)
  • quick low stake CFU activity and instant feedback
  • extended writing using the key words (opportunity to differentiate with live marking and extending the high attaining students with prompts to upgrade their vocabulary)
Katy shows us how we can introduce the key words that have been allocated to each department. You then need to consider the quick retrieval activities that can be used throughout the half term to reinforce the understanding of these key words. After Easter we will be 2 new Tier 2 key words, so please use this guidance on how to plan for the introduction of these words. Any questions please do ask either Katy or myself.

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