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  • December 2020 blog

    Published 07/01/21, by Dan Parkinson
    Well, here we are again. Lockdown. I was delaying the writing of the blog as not much happened in December except a lot of track and trace, for which I must extend my heartfelt thanks for the amazing support we received from parents during what I
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  • November 2020 Blog

    Published 03/12/20, by Dan Parkinson
    When I signed off on my October Blog we were just entering the nation’s second lockdown. I will admit that I was uncertain as to how challenging it would be to run a school during a lockdown with all the students coming in, but I was convinced
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  • October 2020 Blog

    Published 02/11/20, by Dan Parkinson
    I sat for a long-time planning what to write this month and for hours, in fact, days, what stared back at me was largely a blank page. I went through the calendar, again and again, to see what exciting extracurricular events I had to report on, and t
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  • September 2020 Blog

    Published 06/10/20, by Dan Parkinson
    At last, the corridors resound again to the music of students. Thank goodness…and after the initial complexities around the reopening of the College and ensuring that all the new systems work and students and staff are as safe as possible, we
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  • June / July 2020 Blog

    Published 15/07/20, by Dan Parkinson
    I must apologise for the slightly late nature of the June blog. Whenever the Government issues new guidance (as it did on the 3rd of July), I find myself more than slightly distracted as we try to work out a suitable set of solutions to the conundrum
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  • May 2020 Blog

    Published 08/06/20, by Dan Parkinson
    Three months into this crisis and lockdown is now beginning to ease and there can be times in the day where you could be fooled into thinking that the country is returning to normal. We can breathe again.  Then the jarring reality hits you as yo
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  • April 2020 blog

    Published 04/05/20, by Dan Parkinson
    Well, this month has been a vertical learning curve for me in so many ways. Some of it was good, some of it not so good. Here are some of the things I have learnt this month: Exciting new learning: Delivering learning online as a teacher is vas
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  • March 2020 Blog

    Published 06/04/20, by Dan Parkinson
    When I wrote my February blog, I had absolutely no idea really that by the time I would be writing my March blog, the College would be shut and we would all be living in a very different world. So much has happened to our reality in such a short spac
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  • February 2020 Blog

    Published 06/03/20, by Dan Parkinson
    February- a short but tempestuous month. Britain has been lashed by no less than three massive storms; Ciara, Dennis and Jorge making it the wettest February on record and leaving significant parts of the country ravaged by floods. Simultaneously, th
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  • January 2020 Blog

    Published 07/02/20, by Dan Parkinson
    This time last year, I was beginning to look into what makes boys tick as far as learning is concerned because I was so worried about their lack of application to independent study and their fundamental lack of ambition. As part of this, I interviewe
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  • December 2019 Blog

    Published 07/01/20, by Dan Parkinson
    I have to be honest - after all the rain we experienced in the weeks prior to the break up for the Christmas holidays, I have been so grateful for the few days of sunshine we have had over Christmas and New Year. Certainly here in the south, Christma
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  • November 2019 Blog

    Published 02/12/19, by Dan Parkinson
    This month I would like to start my blog with a special mention to one of our community’s longest-standing and most dedicated members. Vernon Petherick has been a governor of Crookhorn College for 45 years and has just celebrated his 90th birth
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