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  • March / April 2024 blog

    Published 13/05/24, by Dan Parkinson
    At the start of the Summer term, Mr Collins and I did an assembly to each House about OPEN MIND- the mnemonic that summarises our learning ethos at the College. We reiterated to students that this is the third strand of our whole College ethos
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  • January / February 2024 Blog

    Published 25/03/24, by Dan Parkinson
    This time last year I wrote about our newly implemented Developing Blended Learners Programme (DBLP).  The purpose behind the programme is to instruct our students on how to become confident independent learners, blending the knowledge and skill
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  • November / December 2023 Blog

    Published 17/01/24, by Dan Parkinson
    November and December seemed to fly past. We had the mock exams for Year 11 in their core subjects and Year 10 had their early entry mock as well. All students displayed excellent behaviour, and the mocks did their job in the sense it helped many stu
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  • September / October 2023 Blog

    Published 13/11/23, by Dan Parkinson
    Last year I started off my first blog of the academic year talking about the power of partnership and the importance of attendance. At the risk of being repetitive, I wish to focus my September/October blog this year on this same topic but with a sli
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  • May / June / July 2023 Blog

    Published 24/07/23, by Dan Parkinson
    Now I have to confess to a little bit of a slip up - as I thought my last blog covered April and May, but as the ever correct Mrs Duncan pointed out to me, it actually covered March through April. So where has that time gone. The summer term has
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  • March / April 2023 Blog

    Published 16/05/23, by Dan Parkinson
    As we approach exam season, I thought it would be a good time to explain a little bit about  our Developing Blended Learners Programme (DBLP) which we  introduced this year. The purpose behind the programme is to instruct our students on
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  • January / February 2023 Blog

    Published 08/03/23, by Dan Parkinson
    As January and February are traditionally quite a ‘blue’ time of year I thought the January/February blog would be a great opportunity to share with our community the progress we have made this academic year so far on our mental health pr
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  • November / December 2022 Blog

    Published 16/01/23, by Dan Parkinson
    In my last blog I talked in depth about the importance of partnership between the College and home. For the second part of the Autumn term, I want to take the opportunity to celebrate the extent of enrichment we have underway during these autumn mont
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  • September / October 2022 Blog

    Published 31/10/22, by Dan Parkinson
    I think, now more than ever, it is a good time to talk about partnership. The world around us can appear slightly incomprehensible at times and this can be distinctly worrying. When we crave stability and the knowledge that people in positions of nat
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  • May / June / July 2022 Blog

    Published 14/07/22, by Dan Parkinson
    This last week Mr Collins and I have delivered an assembly to all Houses celebrating the successes of the last year, as well as focussing on the developments lined up for next year, and we felt it would be a good idea to share these successes and dev
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  • March / April 2022 Blog

    Published 10/05/22, by Dan Parkinson
    You will no doubt be aware from all the posts on Facebook about the wide variety of additional learning activities that allow for real depth and breadth across our curriculum for students of all ages. To talk about all of them in the blog would be a
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  • January / February 2022 Blog

    Published 01/03/22, by Dan Parkinson
    I have to admit I was rather dreading the start to the Spring term. For yet another year the spectre of COVID-19 loomed large and to make matters worse I was booked for my booster within the first two days back, and I certainly did not feel that I ha
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