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  • October 2018 Blog

    Published 01/11/18, by Mike Sowersby
    This month we had a visit from an inspirational man called Colin Chambers. Colin was the Chaplin to Nelson Mandela for 8 years whilst he was imprisoned on Robben Island. During this time, he came to really know and understand the man that was Nelson
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  • September 2018 Blog

    Published 01/10/18, by Mike Sowersby
    I know that September is often a favourite month for parents as children return to school and a routine that is a relief after the weeks of the summer holiday. From the education perspective, September is a time of intense excitement, and activity, a
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  • July 2018 Blog

    Published 31/07/18, by Mike Sowersby
    Like the weather, we have had a glorious July on so many levels, and it has been the hard work, dedication and perseverance of so many staff and students that have brought us to this point. Last July when I wrote my blog, I made it clear that there w
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  • June 2018 Blog

    Published 29/06/18, by Mike Sowersby
    The beautiful June sun did not really show itself until after the end of the GCSE exams, thank goodness, but we have really enjoyed it since it arrived. The College grounds are truly lovely in the sunshine and this is mainly due to the hard work and
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  • May 2018 Blog

    Published 31/05/18, by Crookhorn College
    You would be hard placed to know it was the half term break, as the College is full of activity, mainly that of Year 11 who have been in for most days participating in a variety of revision classes. The day I am here it happens to be English revision
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