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  • October 2021 Blog

    Published 15/11/21, by Dan Parkinson
    We started October off with a training day for all College staff. The key focus of this training day was around the introduction to our new behaviour policy. The aim of introducing a new behaviour policy was not so much to do with changing our behavi
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  • September 2021 Blog

    Published 14/10/21, by Dan Parkinson
    September has been a glorious month with beautiful weather and a College that has been fully operational without all the COVID-19 restrictions of the previous year. We also welcomed in our new cohort of Year 7, who are proving to be a fantastic addit
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  • June / July 2021 Blog

    Published 19/07/21, by Dan Parkinson
    As we approach the end of this very challenging and unusual year, we have at least been able to enjoy some of the Crookhorn events that are so important to our College year. At the end of June, we were able to run two COVID safe Headteacher Reward
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  • May 2021 Blog

    Published 17/06/21, by Dan Parkinson
    May is traditionally a jammed-packed month as the main round of GCSE exams get into full swing for Year 11 and Year 10 Early Entry, transition for Year 6 steps up into its final phase and the rest of the College gets ready for the events planned
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  • April 2021 Blog

    Published 07/05/21, by Dan Parkinson
    It feels like Spring has finally sprung (metaphorically as the weather is still freezing outside) and we are beginning to see the College come back to life after a year of disruption, bubbles, one-way systems, and endless risk assessments. That is
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  • March 2021 Blog

    Published 19/04/21, by Dan Parkinson
    March saw the reopening of schools and Colleges following lockdown 3.0. It also saw the grim anniversary of what has been the most difficult year. What struck me most when I reflected on this time last year, was the naivety I had about what was going
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  • February 2021 Blog

    Published 04/03/21, by Dan Parkinson
    Right at the end of February, the Government laid out its road map for easing the lockdown starting of course with the return of children to schools. As a College we are delighted to be welcoming the students back and I know from the many conversa
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  • January 2021 blog

    Published 03/02/21, by Dan Parkinson
    January 2021 has not been particularly brilliant, and I know that this has got people down, who were specifically hoping that a new year would bring new hope. But as we enter this new year, we have to look at the hope. For a start we are leading t
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  • December 2020 blog

    Published 07/01/21, by Dan Parkinson
    Well, here we are again. Lockdown. I was delaying the writing of the blog as not much happened in December except a lot of track and trace, for which I must extend my heartfelt thanks for the amazing support we received from parents during what I
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  • November 2020 Blog

    Published 03/12/20, by Dan Parkinson
    When I signed off on my October Blog we were just entering the nation’s second lockdown. I will admit that I was uncertain as to how challenging it would be to run a school during a lockdown with all the students coming in, but I was convinced
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  • October 2020 Blog

    Published 02/11/20, by Dan Parkinson
    I sat for a long-time planning what to write this month and for hours, in fact, days, what stared back at me was largely a blank page. I went through the calendar, again and again, to see what exciting extracurricular events I had to report on, and t
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  • September 2020 Blog

    Published 06/10/20, by Dan Parkinson
    At last, the corridors resound again to the music of students. Thank goodness…and after the initial complexities around the reopening of the College and ensuring that all the new systems work and students and staff are as safe as possible, we
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