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Crookhorn Christmas Panto!

What better way to kick off the start of the Christmas holidays by putting on a good old fashioned British panto.

The whole College got to enjoy the outrageously funny annual Christmas pantomime today, performed by our Senior Leadership Team and a selection of teaching staff.

This year's performance was titled 'The Wizard of Crookhorn', a brilliant and original twist on the classic tale of Oz. Stranded after a mysterious cyclone, Dorothy and her mischievous dog Toto must follow the 'Stakes Hill Road' to Oz, to ask for the Wizard of Crookhorn's help with getting her home; with some assistance from a brainless scarecrow, a heartless tin man and a cowardly lion. The performance perfectly blended classic pantomime and pop culture with a few Crookhorn related gags, references and dance-offs thrown into the mix.

The main hall was filled with laughter and cheers throughout the four performances today. Thank you to all the staff involved, including Miss Overton for writing the panto, the Creative Arts department for organising the production and to everyone behind the stage helping out. A brilliant way to finish the autumn term!


Mr Potts - Dorothy

Mrs Poulter - Toto

Mrs McCaw - The Scarecrow

Mr Jones- Taylor - The Tin Man

Miss Bishop - The Cowardly Lion

Mrs Bennett - The Good Witch

Mr McGinley - The Wicked Witch of the West

Mr King - The Flying Monkey

Mr Collins & Mr Lemon - The Munchkins

Mr Carver - The Lost Oompa Loompa

Miss Overton - The Narrator

Mr Harding - The Wizard of Crookhorn


Production by Mr Brunink, Mr Jones, & Mrs McCaw

Costumes by Mrs Shipman 

Makeup by Mrs Miles & Milie