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GCSE results 2021

The current Year 11 students have taught us what resilience and tenacity is all about. Their entire GCSE course was largely disrupted and there was so much uncertainty throughout the two years. However, the students have risen to the challenge every time and proved through their hard work and the commitment to their studies what can be achieved with a positive outlook and a determination that has left us as staff at the College so proud of them. The way the students were awarded their grades this year has of course been markedly different to any previous year. They underwent a long series of assessments which focused on the subject material that they had been taught. In many ways, this process was more wearing than the standard exam series, but the students stayed focused and committed to submitting the best possible evidence for their portfolios right up until the end. So many of our students are leaving us today with a set of grades that are an outstanding testament to personal achievement. As Headteacher and as a College we are absolutely delighted in how well they have done and most of all, in how well they conducted themselves through this very difficult two years, and so it is with a huge amount of pride that we watch them leave, successful and resilient for the next stage of their education journey.

- Sarah Bennett, Headteacher