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A special guest at Crookhorn

On Monday 8th November, we welcomed Harkirat Singh into the College to talk to our Year 8 students about his faith. The day was broken down into three sessions, where students came to the hall and had the opportunity to ask questions about The Sikhi Faith. They used many keywords that we had learnt in lesson to ask the questions, specifically about his Kes (uncut hair) and Kirpan (sword), as they seemed fascinated by these! This enrichment activity was a valuable experience for them, as they were able to apply their knowledge into a lived context, and were able to see how their knowledge of The Sikhi Faith played out in the real world. 

He taught me stuff that I didn't know. For example, I thought the kirpan was for self-defence, but it's actually to help others.

Kai. C

I loved that we got to listen to him sing and play music that was special to him.

Evie. K

 I learnt that he doesn't believe Sikhism is a religion, he sees it as a way of life..

Oskar. K