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Holocaust Memorial Day Service

The Government initiated plans for a Holocaust Memorial Day in 2001 and since then local authorities have taken the lead in organising commemorations and ensuring that Holocaust Memorial Day is marked in communities across Britain. The day is intended to ensure that the crimes against humanity committed during the Holocaust and subsequent genocides are never forgotten and that its relevance for each new generation is understood.

Today 3 Year 9 Early Entry Historians from Crookhorn attended a service of commemoration organised by Havant Borough Council and led by Cllr Leah Turner. The service focused on the theme ‘One Day’ and our students Casper, Megan and Sophia delivered a reading prepared in school by Mrs Masson entitled 'A Wish for One Day'.

The service was an important reminder of why we should all reach into the past to reflect and learn and stand up and talk about the acts of cruelty and inhumanity that affected millions of people, so we do not repeat them today.

The students that attended today's service all agreed that it was an honour to be involved and to represent the College.

A wish for ‘One Day’

One day, the world will be a better place. 

One day, the world will be a little kinder. 

One day, the world will look to help, not win.  

One day the world will seek to build not destroy. 

One day the world will try to heal not hurt.  

All of these wishes start at home, they start with me, and they start with you.  

If we want our future to look like the wish for one day, it starts with us and it starts with now.   

We need to heal not hurt, 

We need to build not destroy,  

We need to help not win 

We need to be a little kinder 

We need to make the world a better place.