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Operating Theatre Live Y11 Trip

On Wednesday, we travelled to HTC with 10 of our Year 11 scientists for Operating Theatre Live. The day did not disappoint and neither did our students. Impeccably behaved, and fully invested in the day, the students took part in an intense and detailed journey through the body, presented by MED-SOC, an award-winning, real dissection workshop.

They started the day furiously making notes on how to remove the brain and eye from their pig's head, having previously been lectured on the various anatomical sections. They did not hold back, and although unsure at first, especially at the realisation of having an actual pig's head, they jumped straight in with their dissecting equipment.  A large amount of teamwork and communication was necessary for the eyeball task in-order to successfully extract the organ without popping it.  They moved onto the thoracic cavity, dissecting the heart and lungs, followed by a very smelly gut section.  

It was not for the squeamish or faint of heart, and our students approached it with aplomb. They were magnificent, tenacious, and inquisitive; demonstrating real resilience and willingness to participate.

Here is what some of our Year 11 students had to say:

"It was superb, and it complimented the curriculum very well." - Mae. P

"It was very informative to learn about the human anatomy in so much detail." - Ella. S

"It was hands-on experience and very interactive, making it a brilliant experience."

"It gave me some great transferrable skills and has really set me up for next year." - Joe. B 

*The pictures below feature images of medical dissection and may not be for the faint of heart.