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Class of 2022 Art, Textiles & Photography Exhibition


The College would like to express our thanks to everyone that attended the Art, Textiles and Photography Exhibition yesterday, in support for our Class of 2022 students.

The work on display was the product of 3 years hard work. Students spent Year 9 learning the skills to carry them through the rest of the course, and despite the disruption and difficulties posed by COVID-19 they have done admirably.

Art & Textiles students completed 2 projects; in Year 10 they focussed on the theme of Natural Forms, studying a variety of set artists and experimenting with materials and techniques. To finish this project, they were asked to develop and produce a ‘final piece’ that reflects an aspect of the theme. Students investigated new artists and refined their skills and ideas to produce an original piece of work.

In Year 11 they were asked to work more independently to respond to the theme of ‘Story Telling’. Students could take the project in any direction and researched artists that they felt represented their chosen path. Through months of experimentation and development, students were able to create final pieces that were both personal and accomplished. Their sketchbooks record their process.

In Photography students mastered a variety of camera and editing skills, referenced the work of documentary and artistic photographers to explore themes of Light, Portraiture & Man-made vs Nature. Students took hundreds of photographs to refine their ideas and skills. The images they have presented here as Final Pieces are those that best represent their intentions.