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Yesterday morning Crookhorn College welcomed Year 2 students from four of our local primary schools to take part in a series of conundrums set by Professor Cranium.

The event centred around the Professors' Cavern of Wonders, which housed a series of challenges based on science, mathematics, geography, catering and languages that would put our young guests to the test.

Students had a limited time to visit each station and solve its conundrum, with points being awarded for accuracy and teamwork. Each station was hosted by a selection of colourful characters, including a wacky scientist explaining the science behind sugar and how it effects our teeth, our own Michelin Star chefs at the candy factory, two fabulous geographers, Señorita Clarke teaching Spanish and our own version of Countdown; as well as the host himself, Professor Cranium.

The race to first place was an ever-changing one but it was Queen's Inclosure Primary School who finished all their tasks with the highest scores in total.

Congratulations to the winning team and to all the wonderful students that attended the event. A special thank you also needs to go out to our fantastic teaching staff and our student helpers for their involvement.