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The Winter Show 2023

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we hosted our annual Winter Show in the theatre with a Matinée to pupils from Moreland’s and Purbrook Junior Schools and two evening performances to the College community.

Firstly, we want to say thank you to the members of staff, SLT, Governors and the PTA that either came to watch or volunteered to help with the organisation of the Winter Show. It is very much appreciated by us in Performing Arts and the students involved.

As a team, we very much encourage the students to develop their performance pieces independently, and we are so proud of their fantastic achievements. The Winter Show is a great opportunity for our young aspiring musicians, actors, and dancers to showcase their talent and hard work.

Mrs Callaghan said: "It has been a joy to see the creative journey and development of both the directors and performers in the drama and musical theatre performances. It was not easy for the directors to manage the rehearsal schedules, source rehearsal materials and design elements, but I believe they rose to the challenge, and they should be proud of the excellent performers who were a credit to them. Proud teacher moment!"

Thank you for inviting us to your spectacular performance this afternoon. It was amazing! We loved the brilliant performers. We would love to come again. Thank you, Crookhorn School, for being kind and letting us see your talent.

- From Year ¾, Morelands

This year there was a broad variety of different dance styles that showcased some amazing talent.  Again, all pieces were choreographed by the performers and demonstrated an incredible amount of creativity and professionalism.  This year’s Dance Live entry is shaping up to be quite a formidable showcase!

Mr Armstrong said: "The music performances ranged from solo and duet vocalists to bands and the larger ensembles Rock Choir and Rock Band. The students have put a lot of time and effort in over the past few months rehearsing and refining their performances and have been very much independent throughout this process. Their commitment, enthusiasm and passion for music and performing is so great to see, and I am extremely proud of everything that they have achieved."