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Year 10 Alice in Wonderland Day

Year 10 Art and Textiles students kicked off their Story Telling coursework project by journeying ‘through the looking-glass’, as part of an imaginative Alice in Wonderland workshop. The P11 classroom was transformed into a Mad Hatter's tea party, complete with oversized props, floating playing cards and lots of cake.

This set the scene for an immersive experience learning all about the Alice story, from its origins as a Victorian children's tale to its lasting influence on visual and creative arts.

Throughout this guided tour of literature, art and music, students photographed the displays and created their own collages using John Tenniel's iconic original images along with others from the era. They then drew inspiration from the traditional animation techniques of Disney's cell painters and contemporary digital artists to add colour to their pieces.

Great fun was had by all and, more importantly, lots of enthusiasm generated for the last phase of their coursework.

Mrs Pitassi, our Head of Art & Textiles, who organised the event said that the day was so rewarding and worth all the hard work. "Getting to see our students interact and engage with the exhibits and tasks has been so much fun."

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Here's what our Year 10 art & textiles students had to say about the event:

"I enjoyed learning about how the story of Alice in Wonderland has inspired so many different artists and media." - Cohen

"The best day ever!" - Charlotte

"I thought the decorations in the classroom made the whole experience really fun and immersive." - Lauren

"My favourite part of the day was arranging the different illustrations and finding a story within them, to create an Alice in wonderland-themed collage. The whole day was so calming and joyful." - Caitlin

"Today I learnt about Mary Blair and how she inspired the illustrations for Disney. I thoroughly enjoyed Alice Day." - Olivia

"I really enjoyed learning about the cell painting technique and using it to create a single frame of a story." - Noah

"The practical task was so relaxing and creative. I loved it." - Ellie

"I'm planning on using all the photos I took of the decorations as references for our Story Telling project." - Maggie

"I was so impressed with how our classroom was transformed into a scene from Alice in Wonderland." - Amy 

"I thought the whole day was a fun experience and I learnt a lot of new artistic techniques throughout the day. I also loved all the decorations. It made me feel like I was Alice." - Fay

"It was awesome!" - Ellie

"Alice Day was a really enjoyable way to kick off the start of our Story Telling project." - Emma

"During the Alice in Wonderland experience I was immersed into the vibrant world of colours and imagination of the famous Lewis Caroll's classic tale. I found solace in the creative process, allowing my mind to wonder freely, like Alice herself. each brush stroke took me deeper down the path of Wonderland, where ordinary rules cease to exist and curiosity reigns supreme. As I learnt about how the animations brought the character to life, I became more interested, escaping the confines of reality and embraced the magic of the unknown. It was a day of pure joy and artistic activities which not only improved my knowledge within the world of art, but also improved my knowledge of filmmaking and how Alice in Wonderland originated." - Tayla



Pictures from the Day: