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Crookhorn College is consulting with it’s stakeholders over the potential disposal of land owned by the College. The land is located to the south of Purbrook Way and does not form part of the College main site.

Reason for Consultation

The disposal of this land requires approval by the Secretary of State under section 77 of the School Standards and Framework act 1998. As part of this application process, the Secretary of State requires that a period of consultation is undertaken prior to any submission.

Benefits to the College from the disposal

Section 77 legislation requires that any capital receipt which is received from the disposal of this land is reinvested into the College educational facilities, preferably for the purpose of sports and recreation.

Crookhorn College have ambitions to improve the sporting and recreational offer to the students of the College and the local community however there are insufficient funds available. The disposal of this land would offer a funding stream to support the delivery of these improvements and because the land is located away from the College main site, the current facilities will not be reduced.

Feedback your views

This consultation will run for a period of 6 weeks from Tuesday 12th September 2023. You can feedback your comments and views by emailing

This consultation will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 25th October 2023