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More and Most able

More and Most Able students (formerly known as 'Gifted and Talented') have been defined as those students who have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop these abilities). 

More and Most Able students are those who will exceed the expectations for their age group, either in all subjects or just one. The More and Most Able are a diverse group and their range of attainment will be varied; some do well in statutory national curriculum tests or national qualifications. However, being More and Most Able covers much more than the ability to succeed in tests and examinations.

More and Most Able students comprise around 5-10% of the College population. More and Most able students enjoy, prosper and achieve at Crookhorn College.

Coordinating the More and Most Able programme is Miss Elliott, who can be contacted via email:

How does Crookhorn identify Most Able students?

Our Most Able students are identified on entry to the College using information held by primary schools about that student’s learning and achievements in Key Stage 2. We use this information to make sure we provide students with the right level of challenge. Our Most Able students will be identified on entry by:

Being identified by the Primary school as being a child who is ‘More and Most able’


having a Key Stage 2 score in Maths and English in the top 10% of the Cohort


having a CATS test score in the top 10% of the Cohort


showing exceptional attainment in a range of subjects in the first term of Year 7.

More and Most Able students are identified and placed on the cohort profile. We give particular attention to disadvantaged Most Able students. We recognise that nationally Most Able students do less well in schools where they are in the minority, Most Able boys do less well than Most Able girls, and Most Able Disadvantaged Students do less well than Most Able non-Disadvantaged students and therefore strive to provide extra support for these students.

The profile is reviewed and updated regularly during the academic year, based on hard and soft data. Most Able students are not removed from the list if underperforming, instead additional intervention is agreed for these students. Pupil Premium grant money is allocated for this where students are eligible.

We have developed a culture of high expectations for students and teachers so that the quality of curriculum delivery, teaching and assessment in both foundation and core subjects is high. This begins with identification based on Key Stage 2 data, rigorous target setting and careful tracking and intervention.

In addition to using data provided by primary schools, Most Able students will be identified over time using:

  • Assessment results – such as standard tests, CATs and examination performance externally and internally
  • Most Able Leader nomination – using data that tracks the performance of students, the Most Able Leader will also examine DSSI’s to make sure the correct students are identified and placed on the register.
  • Parent consultation – we will consider parental nomination and welcome any background, knowledge or evidence of a students work done at home if appropriate. This information will be cross referenced to performance data and the College decision is final.

What are the opportunities and events for More and Most Able students?

There are many opportunities for Most Able students which can include:

  • The Challenge award
  • College productions
  • Theatre trips 
  • Drama workshops
  • Sporting activities
  • STEM challenges
  • Additional maths qualification (FSMQ)
  • University trips
OFSTED findings, and Crookhorn’s response

Schools should:

• Ensure that provision for the most able pupils is led from the top and is regularly on the agenda of leadership and management meetings within the existing meeting structure.

At Crookhorn, the More and Most able programme is overseen by Mr Collins, our Deputy Headteacher, who works alongside the M+MA co-ordinator, who is Miss Elliott. M+MA is often a discussion at SLT level and is a priority for the College. Miss Elliott works with all Heads of Subject, Heads of House, and teachers to audit provision, drive through action plans and gain impact. This can be seen through the 2023-24 enrichment tracker and the College examination data.

• Ensure practices are in place for measuring and reviewing the performance of the most able pupils.

Data is regularly reviewed at each data drop and shared with SLT and HOH which leads to either mentoring or HOH intervention if progress is not secured.

Plan a curriculum that considers the needs of the most able pupils as part of the whole school profile, from intent, through implementation to impact.

Through our itslearning platform, we have extension challenges in place for each subject. This can be found in the plans that students and parents have access to daily.

We also have the Challenge Award which is available to each student to complete. This is for each subject area, and promotes higher level thinking.

 • Consider the personal skills the most able pupils are developing through their school experience.

Personal skills are being developed in many ways whilst a child is at Crookhorn. Through the enrichment programme, we are offering students a chance to experience cultural capital they would not normally be able to experience. This builds their life skills, thus supporting personal skills. We offer additional opportunities such as further maths, DofE, Sports Leaders, theatre trips and many, many more. We develop students’ opportunities to develop their leadership through our House system and also in the different subject areas. We have an extensive senior team for students to join, as well as a student council.

Give teachers and support staff the knowledge and understanding they need to meet the needs of the most able pupils through leadership, guidance and continuing professional development.

We have timetabled a collaborative planning time for teachers every week, where they spend time differentiating their plans to consider stretching the M+MA. This is complemented by the INSET training time also devoted to training. We have carried out INSET training on planning good lessons, and how to develop our mixed attaining teaching.

More and most able data (2023 leavers)

% of students gaining a 7 (top grades) or more in both English and maths

Subject Crookhorn 9-7 score 2022 Data
English (best of both) 43 20
Maths 38 15

Attainment 8 is calculated by adding together students' highest scores across eight government approved school subjects

Attainment 8 Result 2022 Data
61.21 52.97

Subject performance (% of top grades awarded in each subject to high attaining students)

Subject % of grades awarded above a 5





Business studies






Child development




Construction 100%
Creative iMedia 100%







English language


English literature












Physical Education




Religious Studies