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Parent Code of Conduct

We believe that working effectively in partnership with parents/carers is essential to ensuring the highest standards of welfare and success for our students.  We would, therefore, like to thank parents/carers for their support and efforts in working closely with us to achieve this aim.  We expect our staff to respond in a timely, courteous and professional manner to parent queries or concerns.  In return, parents are requested to uphold these standards whether the communication is by telephone, email or in person.   

Most issues should be resolved by the member of staff most closely associated with the concern raised. If you feel that a concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, then please refer to the College complaints procedure, where your concerns will be treated as a formal complaint. 

Resolution of issues is always of high priority and in order to do so effectively, communication should be calm, respectful and appreciative of there being more sides to an issue than parents or staff might initially be aware of. It is the case that when issues are complex we do require the time to investigate thoroughly to understand what has happened in order to make informed decisions and conclusions.  Immediately trying to escalate a concern to the Headteacher could possibly delay the process which might, in fact, be fairly quick to resolve, if the appropriate members of staff are able to deal with the concern from the outset.  

Thank you again for maintaining positive relationships and enabling us to focus our attention on educating your child to ensure that they make positive progress.