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We believe that success and effort should be rewarded. We do this in a number of ways. Students are awarded ‘Commendations’ for success in lessons. These are recorded in the students’ planners and at the end of the year students who achieve fifty are awarded a Bronze Certificate which is awarded by the Head of House. A student who receives a hundred commendations receives a Silver Certificate which is awarded by an Assistant Headteacher and a student who achieves a hundred and fifty commendations receives a Gold Certificate which is awarded by the Deputy Headteacher.

Any student who receives two hundred commendations receives a Platinum Certificate which is awarded by the Headteacher during a private interview. Platinum award winners also receive a badge and are eligible to go on the Golden Time trip at the end of the Summer Term.

Students achieving a further one hundred commendations receive The Governors’ Award which includes a framed certificate, a formal presentation and an invite to the Governor’s Reward Tea.

House Points are awarded for actions relating to our Cornerstones. These are collected together and form the award of the House Cup at the end of the Summer Term; a highly prestigious award for the house that receives it.

Subject and House Colours

Heads of Subject and Heads of House can award students their ‘Colours’ throughout the year. Subject Colours will be awarded to students for outstanding achievement within subject areas and Heads of House for equally outstanding contributions to the life of the House and the College community. 

Presentation Evening

We hold two Presentation Evenings at the end of the Summer Term. Winning students receive their badges for Most Improved, Most Effort, Highest Attainer, Commitment or Platinum Award. There is a prize awarded for each subject as well as individual awards for outstanding overall achievement.

We are incredibly proud of our students achievements and exam results at Crookhorn College. We are a non-selective comprehensive College that is committed to achievement for all.