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Stretch & Challenge

Students can grow and develop their talents through their five years at Crookhorn College where we will encourage all students to achieve their full potential both inside and outside the classroom.

Our lessons are appropriately differentiated to stretch and challenge all students and develop greater depth of knowledge in our subjects. We also offer a number of enrichment activities through our links with Southampton, Portsmouth and Chichester Universities.

Those who are attaining highly across the curriculum or in specific areas are encouraged to partake in enrichment opportunities throughout the curriculum to challenge their potential further. In addition, where necessary, certain students are offered mentoring in Year 11, to support them to gain the highest grades. Events are also organised for the students to develop their awareness of global issues and develop leadership and team working skills.

As part of this Crookhorn College is excited to introduce to our students the brand new Challenge Badge. To earn this badge students need to complete a series of extracurricular challenges that have been designed to promote higher-level thinking skills and raise aspirations in students while stretching them to academically achieve high grades.

Each of these activities are based on a different learning subject, with some tasks needing to be completed individually, in pairs, or as a group. These challenges will range from focusing on independent research, taking part in debates, looking into current affairs to implementing their own training plans and performances.

These tasks can be completed over four years from Year 7-10 and we are excited to see how many our students will earn their Challenge Badge.

Are you up for the challenge?