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Student & staff voice

At Crookhorn we take student and staff voices very seriously, helping us shape the vision and direction of the College.

Student Voice

At Crookhorn, we understand the importance of involving all students in shaping the direction of our College, and firmly believe that students can be an instrument to effect positive change in our community. We have regular student councils, representing each House and the overall College, so they can meet to discuss initiatives, plan what they would like the College Student Voice to achieve and ensure the group is feeding back to the College body on what they have achieved. Student Voice achievements include creating anti-bullying policies, organising projects and raising money for an abundance of charities, giving feedback on developments, and increasing awareness of key issues for young people.

Please have a look below at our most recent Student Voice actions, which are shared with all stakeholders and proudly displayed throughout the College:

Staff Voice

Crookhorn’s Staff Voice has proved invaluable in joint planning to exceed staff expectations and improve the quality of education for all of our students. Staff voice empowers employees, inspires innovation and improves the work environment for every individual. Building an enthusiastic, engaged workforce enables the College to encourage strong relationships throughout our staffing areas.

Please have a look below at our most recent Staff Voice actions, which are shared with all stakeholders: