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Uniform | equipment

Pride in the uniform is a key expectation for all students at Crookhorn College.

A sense of purpose, belonging and commitment is fostered through the presentation and care of uniform and allows all students to represent the College with respect and responsibility. Skoolkit are the suppliers of the specific Crookhorn elements of the College uniform and can be accessed in person at their shop in Havant or via their website:



  • ​​​​Navy College blazer*
  • Mid-grey school trousers or tartan College knee-length skirt* (black, grey or natural coloured tights if a skirt is chosen)
  • Plain white, traditional, collared shirt with a top button.
  • Navy jumper or tank top with College crest* (Autumn & Spring terms)
  • House tie*
  • Dark socks
  • Low-heeled, traditional black leather school shoes with no sports logos

*These items should only be purchased from Skoolkit.

Coats should only be worn over blazers and jumpers when students are outside, during inclement weather.

No leather, leather-look or denim jackets are permitted.

Hoodies are not to be worn on the College site.

Modifications to the uniform or the wearing of additional items not sanctioned by the College are not permitted.

For more information about Skoolkit and a current price list, please see the link below:



  • White polo shirt with Crookhorn College logo*
  • Plain black (unbranded) shorts (no cycling shorts)
  • Sports/football socks
  • Studded football or rugby boots (not astro's)

*These items should only be purchased from Skoolkit.

Optional (for inclement weather)

  • Plain black (unbranded) tracksuit bottoms
  • Plain black (unbranded) Leggings
  • Plain black (unbranded) tracksuit top / jumper (without zips)
  • Reversible Rugby top*

A plastic bag for dirty/wet kit and a towel or flannel.

The College encourages the use of roll-on deodorant, aerosols are not permitted on site.

Hoodies are not part of the PE uniform.

Garments with zips are not permitted for contact sports (rugby).

For more information about Skoolkit and a current price list, please see the link below:

Dance Kit


  • Plain black (unbranded) T-shirt
  • High Quality Plain black leggings / tracksuit bottoms


  • Black Dance Live! / Dance competition T-shirt
  • Dance / Ballet shoes
  • Foot / toe thongs (protectors)

The College encourages the use of roll-on deodorant, aerosols are not permitted on site.

If earrings (studs) cannot be removed they need to be covered with earring tape (micropore tape). 

Shoes and socks must be removed to perform unless they are Dance / Ballet shoes or Foot / toe protectors.

No trainers permitted. 

House Events

For House Events (including Sports Day)

  • House T-shirt* (available for each House)

Arundel House = Yellow
Goodwood House = Green
Petworth House = Blue
Romsey House = Red

For more information about Skoolkit and a current price list, please see the link below:


  • Hairstyles should be moderate – no extremes in style or length (minimum grade 2 cut), no two-toned, dyed or bleached hair
  • No piercings apart from one small stud in each ear lobe
  • One plain ring is permitted
  • No bracelets
  • Make-up, if worn, must be discreet and not include false eyelashes, eyelash extensions or false nails. Nail varnish if worn, must be clear
  • Trainers, shoes with visible sports logos or open-toed shoes are not permitted as alternatives to school shoes
  • During PE and other practical activities all long hair must be tied back and any fringes that obscure vision must be clipped back

Please contact your Head of House should you require further guidance or clarification.

Equipment for students

Students must attend College each day with the minimum equipment listed below so that they can properly engage with their learning.

Stationery shop

Students can purchase a range of stationery at a discount from the College Library - available at break & lunchtimes (cash only). 

Essential equipment List

You will need in your pencil case: Other useful equipment might be:
Black pens (at least two) Dictionary / Spell checker
Red pen (for peer assessment) Calculator
Red and green pen or pencil (for annotation) Spanish dictionary for Modern Foreign Language
Pencils (at least two)  
Rubber / Pencil Eraser  
Coloured pencils  
Presenting your work
  • Black ink should be used for all writing.

  • All work should have a heading and a date.

  • Underline the heading carefully, using a ruler.

  • Diagrams should be drawn in pencil.

  • Keep your work clean.

  • Keep the outside of your books free of doodles or graffiti.

Checking your work

Always check your work before handing it in. You can ask someone to help you.

  • When correcting your own work, rule once through each mistake.

  • Do not use correcting fluid / Tipp-Ex.

  • Use a dictionary or spell-checker.