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Year 6 to 7 Transition

The transition process from junior school to Crookhorn starts as soon as March when allocations are made by county for places.

Once the College has the definitive list of new entrants for the September start contact is made with the parents and they are invited to a meeting at College in early April. During this meeting introductions to key staff are made, the process of transition is explained and the important roles we all have to play made clear for the success of the students.

Simultaneously information is collated by the junior schools in readiness for our staff who work in transition to make visits and collect details on the performance and personalities of the new cohort to Crookhorn. Crookhorn works closely with all the primary schools so we can get the information from the people who have taught and developed the children during their primary years. This coordination helps to provide detailed background which is used by specialist Crookhorn staff to identify future needs of students on their arrival and to allocate individuals to Houses and tutors to make the transition to secondary education as smooth as possible.

Students are invited as school groups to take part in an afternoon of activities and to tour the College in June and are invited again to join us for the common transition day in July. During both of these sessions familiarity with the College and our cornerstones of Respect, Responsibility, Commitment and Achievement are emphasised through a range of academic and physical challenges in subjects throughout the College, including the opportunities to try out a number of our flagship facilities on site, including perhaps the library, dance studio, sports hall, technology workshops and ICT suites.

The student common transition day is followed up on the next evening by the new year 7 parents meeting where details about the start of term, the House ethos and the curriculum are presented, alongside a photo gallery of the events from the transition day. There are also many opportunities for students and parents to ask staff questions during the evening. Uniform is available from ‘Skoolkit’ and there are shops in Havant where students can try on their new uniform.

The first day for year 7 students and year 11 prefects is Thursday 5th September at 8.50am. Students follow a 'Smart Start' programme of activities for the day covering the core elements they need to be ready for the reality of starting secondary school; meeting their House tutor, learning the fire drill procedures, getting lost and finding themselves again, logging into the ICT and learning platform systems and making new friends. The whole College student body return on the following day, year 7 students meet their fellow house tutees and everyday life at Crookhorn begins.

A year 7 'Tutor Evening' takes place at the end of the student's first month in College. This is a chance for parents to meet with their child's house tutor and discuss how they have settled in. It also gives the tutor an opportunity to find out more about the family in relation to their child's interests and aspirations.

We are now in the process of allocating the students into classes for September. If you have requested a specific language choice, we are doing our best to make sure this can be allocated to you and your child will find out their language classes in September.

Key transition dates for the academic year:

Smart Start Day: Thursday 5th September 2019
Whole College returns: Friday 6th September 2019
Open Evening (for September 2020 start): Wednesday 18th September 2019
Deadline for applications for September 2020 admission: 31st October 2019
Common Transfer Day: 3rd July 2019
New Year 7 parents evening: 4th July 2019