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Y6 to Y7 transition activities

We have a number of summer holiday activities for our new students to complete if they would like to start building their commendations total. This is not compulsory, but we would like all students to have a go at completing at least one challenge. For every challenge completed, their tutor will award them 2 commendations on the first day if the child brings in evidence of their work. This is a great way to start the new year off, and to show their new tutors that they are already showing the OPEN MIND philosophy that will make them successful.

You have had an assembly by Mrs Bennett and Mr Collins on transition day. You must now complete a presentation on your favourite strand of OPEN MIND on how you have shown this strand over the last year. It can be done via PowerPoint or Video and must be sent to the following email by August 27th, 2023.

All files listed are attached at the bottom of this page.

Challenge Information for Summer Challenges
Drama - Summer Challenge With the title of 'Summer Holiday' create a short script/storyboard/film/piece of movement that tells the story of a group of friends who go on holiday together.  The events of the trip should be exciting and develop the story and relationships between the friends.  The genre of the piece should be clear.  Is it a horror, tragedy, comedy etc?  Your piece must end on a cliff-hanger or with a surprising twist.  Be creative and have fun!
Graphics - Summer Challenge

Graphics - Summer Challenge - Project.docx

Graphics - Summer Challenge - Summer Money Box.pdf

Maths - Summer Challenge Maths - Summer Challenge.pdf
PE - Summer Challenge

PE - Summer Challenge - Fitness Bingo.docx

PE - Summer Challenge - Monopoly Fitness Activity.docx

PE - Summer Challenge - Mountain Challenge.docx

PE - Summer Challenge - Snakes and Ladders.pptx

PE - Summer Challenge - Spell your name fitness activity.docx

PE - Summer Challenge - Spin the bottle fitness activity.docx

PE - Summer Challenge - Tower Challenge.docx

Reading - Summer Challenge Reading - Summer Challenge.pdf
Science - Summer Challenge Science - Summer Challenge.docx